Riding The Wind


Today I was sitting in my favourite place in White Rock which I call the Eagle Park. It’s official name is Kwomais Park.

It sits overlooking the ocean and once used to be a bible camp. The city of Surrey had the good sense to buy up the property and it has become a lovely sanctuary for many.

I sit on a rock underneath a towering pine with a view that changes constantly with the weather. You might think that I would be writing about the eagles, which there are many at this time of the year, as they return to nest, but you would be wrong.

Today it was the seagulls that caught my attention. The wind was blowing inland and the seagulls appeared to be flying further south to White Rock beach. As I watched their shapes against the clouds and bit of sun that was gracing the day, I noticed that the wind was blowing them in. They didn’t resist, they merely adjusted their course and found the lift that would take them where they were headed.

It got me thinking about life. When the winds of change blow we often spend a lot of time thinking about how to best handle it, how to chart our course. But, we can’t always know how to do that until we are presented with a choice.

If we are determined that it has to go a certain way we can make it very hard on us and we can miss the lift that will get us there. But, if we adjust for the wind as each moment comes along, I have found that the flying is almost effortless. Their is a grace that lifts us up and floats our boat.

Like a seagull or an eagle we can find the currents and use them to lift us higher and send us on our way. Not a bad thing and a heck of a lot easier than fighting it.

Go For The Joy
Linda and The Group

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Singing Canaries

WorradmuI recently returned from a wonderfully relaxing and magical time in Mexico. The weather was warm, the people were friendly and the ocean felt like home.

My husband and I swam with dolphins which was an experience that I highly recommend for everyone. After the swim I felt like I was in an altered state-not really in the world but of the world. That delicious feeling lasted for for over an hour.

We returned to Canada, to the  news of the Newton school shootings.

We went whale watching with a very special guide who loved the whales and was a researcher too. She brought their beings to life for me. We saw a pod of seven or so that were so very close that my being sung with joy.

We returned to Canada, to the news of the Newton shootings.

We had a snorkelling adventure, which was a big deal for me, as I stepped way out of my comfort zone. It was worth the leap! There is a very peaceful feeling in the depths of the water as you view the sea life.

We returned to Canada, to the news of the Newton shootings.

Every day I swam in the warm ocean waters, bathed in the warmth of the sun. My body was very happy!

We returned Canada, to the news of the Newton shootings.

I didn’t write about my joyous vacation because it felt awkward to be in such gratitude while so many were reeling from the tragedy.

As I write this today, I think to myself that untold tragedies are occuring worldwide each and every day. They pass without notice except for the few people that are involved.

Adam the shooter was a troubled young man, who did not know what to do with his pain, with the voices in his head, with life. No one knows what precipitated his actions. We can only guess. No one knows the person that he was and who he might have been, if only…….we can only guess.

There are thousands of trouble youth who live in a world different than the norm. Our society as it stands, has very little help to offer them.

What if Adam was so very aware that he was picking up on all the anger that resided in the community that he lived in, a community that defends their right to target shoot in their own backyard. What if he was so aware of the emotions of others, that he chose to act upon it, thinking that those thoughts were his own?

I believe that autistic children are that aware. I believe that they perceive all of the energies that swirl around them and shut themselves down because it is too much for them. Perhaps these autistic children are our singing canaries. Perhaps we can learn from them, sit up and pay attention rather than dismissing their behaviours as weird.

What if they know what is in us. All of us have the capacity for violence given the “right” circumstances for us, all of us can be mean, unforgiving, unallowing and some of choose to act upon it and some of us don’t.

What if we could begin to be at peace with all of those feelings and understand that some of them are ours and just maybe some of them are not. Maybe we are picking up on the energies out there too. Maybe, our filtres are better and we have learned to not act upon those feelings.

The only way that we can heal our world and our earth is to heal ourselves. The more that we are aware of who we be and what we might do-the more that we can begin to heal the shadows. The more that we heal the shadows, the less ugliness there is in the world for those that are highly sensitive, to pick up on.

The next time that a child, your child, your grandchild, niece or nephew says something that seems odd, you might want to ask them, is that yours or someone else’s. You might be surprised at the answer.

How many children didn’t go to school that day? How many children didn’t want to go to school that day? How many children went knowing that they were part of something very big, that would change the world?

These are just my thoughts, my knowings and I know that they will be very controversial for many of you. If that is the case I am happy! I want you to consider that maybe, just maybe there is something different afoot on planet earth. I want you to consider that these troubled children are the singing canaries on planet earth.

I believe that they are and what a blessing they are to us. Maybe now, people will sit up and pay attention. Maybe now something different will be tried. Maybe now we can begin to truly birth peace on earth, good will towards all men.

Merry Christmas


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What else is possible?

In February I experienced having my BARS run by my dear friend Michal.  She also gave me the clearing statment which I began to use with abandon, on the various aspects of my life that were troublesome for me.  A whole new world opened up to me.

To say I was blown away by the this is an understatment!  I decided to take a BARS class.  That drew me towards 2 more classes and teacher certification.  It was fun and I wanted to share it!

In June, I  attended Foundation and Level 1 with Rikka Zimmerman in Seattle.  Wow!  It was as if everything that I had sensed was possible, I sensed as not having to be hard, could actually be fairly effortless and have become more so as time goes on.  I proceeded to immerse myself in the play that is Access Consciousness.  It has changed my life and this is what I want to tell you about.

I wanted to know how it would help me and what else was possible. It turns out that everything is just over there waiting for me to allow myself to receive it!

It turns out a whole lot!  Who knew that everyone around me would shift too?  They began to allow themselves to receive more of themselves too.  It certainly was a clear reflection of what I have always read and wrote about; we are all one.  And so this is a partial list of how life has changed for me and my family by simply allowing myself to receive more of me.  Who knew it would be so simple?

Easter weekend I purchased a VW Bug, that I called Lily. Previously I would not have allowed myself to do that! I was in a place of not allowing a car for myself and certainly not one that I had always wanted!

Increased income began to stream into our household.

My relationship with my husband has improved 100%.

My relationship with my body is easier and more allowing and that is being reflected in my health and increased sense of well being.

It seems I don’t have a fear of heights anymore…I went skydiving and enjoyed every single second of it!

I am more allowing of people, circumstances and even troublesome events that happen.  I am not being affected as much,  by the energies that swirl around me.

By simply allowing myself to be out of judgment and conclusion my life is changing.  Judgment is simply just an interesting point of view when it is reflected back to me.  Is that me or their point of view?  If I react in any way, I POD, POC the “stuff”.  Awww… the sweet relief.

Access Consciousness suggests that you use two questions in every situation. They are; How can it get better?  What else is possible?

I have discovered that anything is possible and if I stay out of judgment and conclusion that I can allow for infinite possibilities to show up.

How could it change your life?

Join me in Cambridge and Oakville in September to begin your journey by attending a BARS Class. Visit this link to find out more and to register if you are ready to receive more of you.

Go For Your Joy!

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What the f**ck?!

As I was sitting on my patio this morning, I was musing about some recent communications. I decided I needed to share this with you, because if two people are brave enough to write me, then many of you are going through a similar process.

These two brave souls that messaged me, basically said  “Go for the joy? WTF!”

After some thought, I responded to both with a similar message, which was this.

If you are pissed off enough by go for the joy, you may just be ready to step into something bigger for yourself. You may be angry enough to demand that you have better, easier and dare I say it, more joyful!

I have had my share of “trouble”. I have had two abusive relationships, two failed businesses and my current marriage went through a huge upheaval last summer. I have fought over custody of one child and went through the upset of another as he went through his teenage years. I have bounced cheques to eat, applied for welfare and was turned down, stolen because I felt I had no other choice.

Believe me I can say been there and done that! I understand what it is like to feel like there is no choice. I understand what it is like to feel powerless.

Now, I know that I did have choice all along. At the time I did not have the tools that I have now. I can help you to move through your stuff into joy. I can help you to discover there is choice and it is far more infinite than you can even imagine.

So a good beginning is any choice that empowers you and gives you hope. Only you know what feels right for you and you have to know that you are not alone. You will be alone if you don’t ask, demand of the universe something more.

I can suggest a few things and I will. (smile) Through the past 12 years I have come across many things that have been helpful. Today, this moment in time the energies are different and what is available is capable of rocket launching you into a brighter future, if you choose and if you use the tools.

So, in no particular order here are my suggestions that I offer from this time and place in my life.

Read Dr. Dain Heer’s book Being You-Changing The World

Have your BARS run by an Access Consciousness practitioner.

Attend a BARS class and learn how to do it and also receive two BARS sessions.

Meditate in whatever way works for you-I recommend that you follow your breath. Exercise-even a walk around the block is helpful.

There are many more things that are helpful and by the demanding of something more from the universe you will find that the right one will come along for you.

Is now the time? How can it get better? What else is possible?

Dare I sign this with –yep I will!

Go For Your Joy

Please contact me at linda@goforthejoy.com if you need a hand up

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The Dandelion Seed Path

Someone, recently asked me why I use dandelion seed photos for my design. Good question and here is the story.

Through my posts on Facebook and sharing of my blog, Kathy over at Bliss Habits saw my writings inspired by The Group. She asked if I would contribute to her blog once a week. I was delighted to be part of her project. Who doesn’t want a little bliss in their lives?

Bliss Habits uses dandelion seed pics for her website. This was the first sign.

On a drive to California with my husband we stopped in Eugene, Oregon for dinner and our waitress had a lovely tattoo of dandelion gone to seed on her arm. My second sign.

While in California I was invited to a lighting seminar (yes lighting as in lamps and such) and I picked up a free manufacturers daytimer and on it was graphic design of dandelions gone to seed. My third sign.

On my return home I bought the latest Wayne Dyer book and on the inside cover were more dandelion seeds. My fourth sign.

I became involved in Access Consciousness and attended a Rikka Zimmerman event and by now I am sure you can guess I was faced with more dandelion seeds. My fifth sign.

Today, as I was sitting drinking a cool beverage, thinking about the seeds that will be spread as I teach Access Consciousness BARS Classes, a dandelion seed floated from the sky, across my vision and into a hanging basket.

I believe that I am receiving confirmation to continue on the path that I am being drawn along. It is light and it is fun. How much better does it get than this? I will find out I am sure and somewhere along the way, another dandelion seed will show itself to me.

Going For The Joy!


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Fear is a lie…

Forgiveness is only necessary in your world because you have forgotten you are. You have forgotten that in the end there is nothing to forgive. You do not remember that the big things that you find so difficult to forgive are the very ones that cause you to remember who you really are-




It is in the sorting through of the details of the event that you dear ones begin to see where your vulnerabilities lie and where you have told yourself lies about yourself to you and others. When you know who you are, you are incapable of being hurt or offended by anything that is “done” to you. We say done but in reality it occurs. Fear is the lie that cradles the “done wrong” feelings. Fear is the lie that cradles the “I am going to hurt you” act. Get rid of the fear and you will begin to see the divinity within the humanity. You will reveal the truth of who you and everybody around you and out there is-



Go For The Joy

The Group

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Do you know who you be?

I have been immersing myself in Access Consciousness since March of this year. I thought I knew who I was and I am discovering that it isn’t all true!

A good friend introduced me to Access Consciousness in March. She ran my BARS first, which is energetic work on specific points on the head, connected to various physical, emotional and spiritual areas of our life. There is another component which is the clearing statment which is designed to unlock the blockages we have created and allow us to live our lives from a place of no judgment and no conclusion.

After working with the clearing statment on different aspects of my life and having some success, I decided that I had to do this work. It just made sense, even though it is designed to bypass the logical mind! I took my first class and became a Liscenced Practitioner and continued on to become a Facilitator in order to teach others. I continued on and attended the Foundation course and Level 1. I was no longer in Kansas folks, I was in a whole new world once again!

I am used to being somewhere that most people aren’t. My past has included energy work, spiritual work and intuitive work. More often than not,  my family’s eyes glaze over when I try to articulate what I am doing. This time is no different and yet the path is so much more than anything I have experienced before.

Access Consciousness is about being in the question. What else is possible-is one. What would it take-is another. The list is endless. Question open us up to the infinite possibilities. That is how good researchers work. You cannot find a new way to do things or a new way to be if you have already decided upon how it is!

So, who have you decided you are? And is that conclusion based on your perception or on the judgments and conclusions that have been handed to you by your family and society at large?

For instance; when I was younger I was told that “Linda can trip over a threpenny bit!” ( a very small and thin English coin. My parents are British)

I proceeded to trip over everything as a child, landing myself at the doctor’s office for stitches, more than once. Could it be that one small trip, grew into many trips and falls over the years, from that one comment? Had that one comment cemented me into the clumsy label? Was it really true that I was clumsy? Turns out not so much, anymore!

Where in your life have you allowed other people’s judgments to define you? What is your story? Does your story confine and define you? Does it serve you? Is there a better way to be you that you be?

There is and Access Consciousness is one way to help you step into the beautiful being that you be!

I now facilitate intuitive sessions, using Access Consciousness work. My toolbox grows as I listen to hours of audio. Each listening brings a new way to look at something and a new question to ask a client. What if you were meant to be magnificent? Well actually you already are and just don’t know it!

Is now the time to know who you be? Is now the time to claim your magnificence? Is now the time to step out of lack of money, health and happiness?

Go For Your Joy!

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Is your data base clear?

Here is something to muse upon for today-we are all energetic beings and as such we are somewhat like a computer. Let me explain.

We have a database that is ours and then we receive information from the outside world. We can decide what we will keep in our database. We get to choose. Now, might you agree that energetic beings, pick up information from everything that surrounds them?

Remember when the phone rang and you had just been thinking about that person?

Now, take it a step further. What if everything you think and feel, emotionally and physically is not yours? Hmmm…so ask yourself this today, for everything-who does this belong to?

If you feel lighter with that question, it is not yours. Your body knows truth and is light in it’s truth-your truth. You might just be surprised, it’s not all yours! Simply say return to sender-easy peasy.

With this simple Access Consciousness tool you can begin to truly choose, for you! Go For Your Joy!

Photo: Freedigitalphotos.net

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What toppings do you want?

Some of you follow me on Facebook and may have   read my posts introducing you to a few Access Consciousness questions. You may   wonder, “what about The Group? What about go for the joy?” Access is not a   process that is exclusive. It includes some powerful tools that will help you   live your life, in whatever way, brings joy for you. It is an inclusive   process.

After some thought, I had an aha moment that   might enlighten you about it. It is like a pizza crust with toppings. You are   the pizza crust-a pretty magnificent one at that-and through Access tools you   get to choose the toppings, unhindered by judgment and conclusions and other   people’s realities. You get to choose for you more freely and clearly than you   ever had before, each time you apply the tools, which are just questions.   Access is about being in the question, like a child.

When you are in question then you cannot be in   judgement and it is difficult to be in conclusion. Think of it like this. You   have an issue and you can’t to solve it, (like around money-always a big one)   but you can’t find your way into a soulution. The reason you can’t is because you are   trying to fix it based on past experience, judgements and conclusions, most of   them not even yours.

But, when you are in the question you are   literally asking the universe to provide a soulution. Ask and you shall receive, but if you   are in judgement and conclusion then you can only receive that which matches   up with that! How is that working for you so far?

So here are two beginning questions for you.

#1 How can it get better than this? (for   everything-not just the “bad” stuff but the good stuff too-it is all   judgement!)

#2 What else is possible?

The universe perks up and says oh-you need a   soulution, not a   solution? Cool…give me some time to line things up! Then get on with your   life and the doors will begin to open and miracles will unfold.

One more thing….if you have stuff come up in   those cute little brains of yours that negate this process-POD, POC them. (short form   of a clearing statement-but that is for another time)

Be in those two questions all the time, like   when you get up in the morning or when your car breaks down, you get a bill   you weren’t expecting, find some money or even win the lottery!

Let me know how it goes and yes The Group is   cheering me on this path.

“When you allow for all possibilities then you   experience more joy. You have no idea where your good can come from. You have   no idea of the infinite ways in which you are co-creating with the very   molecules around you. The less you can get out of judgment and conclusion then   the more that you can allow yourself to receive your joy and a joyous being   expands everything that surrounds it.

You are magnificent beings of light and love  and that is your essence. All the other stuff is just stuff. It is the veils   that have been placed through time and space, the life you live now and the   the lives you have lived in other timelines. Now is the time to lift the veils and   remember who you are. Now is the time to become a being of joy!

We do not sit in judgment of you and we draw   no conclusions. Each step you take toward the being that is you, you will find   you will be unable to do that too! How wonderful! What steps are you willing   to take to change it up for you? What things will bring you into the state of   divine awareness? It is possible-the trees do it and the bees do it and so can   you!”

Go For Your Joy

Linda and The Group

P.S. I am now a Certified Bars Facilitator and   Teacher-yeah! I am arranging to be in the Toronto, Cambridge,   Kitchener/Waterloo area, in the fall, to teach the Bars Class. (running energy  through points on the head to clear your data base so that you can more easily  be in question and experience more ease and joy in your life) Stay tuned for   times, dates and places. 🙂

Photo: freedigitalphotos.net

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Do you let your inner child out to play?

I realize as I write this that my sense of whimsy is pretty much dormant. But, I am smart enough to hang around my whimsical friends. One of them leaves a special treat in her garden, for the fairies. Another one creates quilts with whimsical designs that remind me of my childhood imagination.

Whimsy is a valuable commodity in our world and until now, I hadn’t given it much thought. Whimsical people are often creative people. They are the ones whose inner child lives close to the surface. They write children’s books, make fantasy movies, paint images of other worlds and design homes that look as if they belong in a fairy tale, the one the other writes about. I love fairy tales. Where oh where has my inner child gone?

The Group assures me that if I love fairy tales that my inner child is not far away, merely in hiding. And that is how it is with most of the population landed on planet earth. That is changing as the new ones come in. They will not let you forget who you are-a whimsical being at the heart of you.

The children remember what they are capable of. They will happily educate you on the most joyous way to proceed. They are not concerned with the specifics, except when it comes to remembering, how important imagination is, when it comes to creating!

Don’t be silly they will tell you! Remember this and this and this as you engage with them side by side. They can spot a phoney a mile away. If you are going to engage in play with them then you need to set aside your adulthood and become like a child again. Then both of you can have some pure unadulterated fun!

Tea parties with fairies? Check! Dinner with a queen? Check! Swimming with mermaids and dolphins? Check! Fighting the monsters in the closet? Check! Cardboard race cars? Check! Castles under the blankets? Check! Broomstick horses and cardboard swords? Check!

Do you remember those times? Each of you has had those moments and those of you that haven’t forgotten or who want to remember are the ones who write the books, make movies and create music to help others and themselves, remember. They are the ones who grow up to create whimsical creations that cause others to remember. They are the ones who cause you to remember who you are.

Their movies, music and books act like a clarion call to the child in you. Come over here and remember-if only for a short time-do it often enough and you will never forget.

At the core of you-you are, each and every one of you-magnificent beings of light and love. Magnificent beings of light and love do not take themselves seriously unless it is about light and love and whimsy and creating and did we say love? It is all about love.

Going For The Joy-

Linda and The Group

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